Excel 2016 screenupdating false not working

We will also use another SQL statement to populate the top right hand side table for calls data when all the 3 drop downs have some options selected.

We need to add a reference to the Microsoft Active X Data Objects Library to be able to use the worksheet as a database table. I usually select the most recent version, however if you are developing a product it will be best suited if you are familiar with the operating system and office version used by the end-user’s system and accordingly select the best version available.

Often I have thought, if I could have write “Select Employee Name From Sheet Where Employee ID=123” and use this on my excel sheet, my life would be simpler. People spend a lot of time thinking whether to use Excel as their database or not.

Eventually they start using Access or SQL Server etc.

This would allow me to use both the sheets as one table and fetch all of my data into a new sheet.

The VBA is open, and not password protected – you can view, edit and learn from the code.Click here to learn more about VBA Classes & join us. Vijay (many of you know him from VBA Classes), joined full-time this February. You can then use the second macro (Split_To_Workbook_and_Email) I have used this macro in Office 20 for many years with great success. To add the macro to Excel, follow these steps: Sub Split To Worksheets() Dim Col Head As String Dim Col Head Cell As Range Dim i Col As Integer Dim i Row As Long 'row index on Fan Data sheet Dim Lrow As Integer 'row index on individual destination sheet Dim Dsheet As Worksheet 'destination worksheet Dim Fsheet As Worksheet 'fan data worksheet (assumed active) Again: Col Head = Input Box("Enter Column Heading", "Identify Column", [c1].

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